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Explore the Ultimate LEGO® sets and Minifigures Destination at Bricks & Figs

Looking for the perfect place to satisfy all your LEGO® needs? Look no further! Bricks & Figs is your premier LEGO® shopping destination in Poland, catering to kids, adults, and collectors alike. Our shop boasts an extensive collection of both the latest and vintage LEGO® sets, making it the ideal spot for enthusiasts of all ages.

A Treasure Trove of LEGO® Sets Discover a vast selection of new releases and cherished vintage sets in our expansive LEGO® collection. Whether you're starting a new hobby or searching for that rare piece to complete your collection, our store offers an unparalleled range of options.

Buy LEGO® Bricks by Weight Unleash your creativity with our unique "LEGO® Bricks by Weight" offering. Choose from an assortment of bricks and create something truly unique, or grab just the pieces you need to finish your latest masterpiece.

Diverse Minifigures™ and Parts Enhance your sets with our wide range of miscellaneous parts and accessories, and choose from hundreds of Minifigures™ to personalize your creations or complete your collection. Whether it’s a missing piece or a new addition, you'll find it here.

Perfect for Last-Minute Gifts Our shop is open on Saturdays and Sundays, making it a convenient option for last-minute birthday shopping. No need to worry if you're pressed for time; we've got the perfect gift waiting for you.

A Hub for LEGO® Lovers Located in the heart of Bricks & Figs, our store isn’t just a shop; it’s a vibrant community hub where LEGO® enthusiasts can connect and share their passion. This is a place where imaginations soar and the possibilities are endless.

Visit Us Now Come by and see why Bricks & Figs is the top LEGO® store in Poland. Whether you’re buying a gift, treating yourself, or just browsing, our shop offers a shopping experience that’s as fun as it is impressive.

Join us at Bricks & Figs for the best in LEGO® sets and Minifigures shopping — where play meets endless possibilities and every visit is an adventure. Start building your dreams today!


Discover the top things to see in Krakow with a visit to Bricks & Figs, where the fascinating history of LEGO® comes to life in a vibrant display sure to captivate everyone.